Pate-Jones Funeral Home was established by Mr. C. O. Pate in silent partnership with Raymond McCormick in 1928 and went by the name Pate-McCormick Funeral Home. Shortly after, a new funeral home was built on Gilmore Street in Senatobia. Following World War II, the interest of Mr. McCormick was purchased by Mr. Pate and the funeral home was named C. O. Pate Funeral Home.

In 1937, Harry Jones, Sr. joined the business and later married Mr. Pate's daughter, Martha Pate in 1940. In 1946, Mr. Pate purchased a home on Highway 51 in Senatobia at our present location and completely remodeled it to accommodate a funeral home operation. A few years later the house located next to the funeral home was purchased and the two buildings were combined to provide more space.

Mr. Pate's grandson, Harry Jones, Jr. began working for the funeral home in 1969. Mr. Pate's great-grandson, Brian Pate Jones, joined the business in 1993 and his great-granddaughter, Mary Anne Jones Sinquefield, joined in 2009.

Mr. Pate was active in the business until his death in 1981. At that time, Mr. Pate's daughter, Martha Pate Jones and son-in-law, Harry Jones, Sr. bought the business. Harry Jones Sr. worked up until his death in 1999 and his wife continued ownership of the funeral home until her death in 2003.

Today, Harry Jones, Jr. is the current owner and operator of the funeral home. The name was changed in 2003 to Pate-Jones Funeral Home to incorporate the Jones family name.  We have a very experienced staff that has worked together for many years. We are proud to be family owned and operated since 1928 and to continue to serve our community.